In Garza County, robust winds with gusts close to hurricane energy of 75 miles per hour knocked over power traces and ignited fires. Strong winds knocked out power for many people and brought on roof harm to some properties. The dimension of the haboob was fairly giant, which the National Weather service in comparison with relating to a picture taken again in 1935 through the peak of the dust bowl in Stratford, Texas. The following section will give a brief background on haboob analysis. Section 3 will describe the Lubbock, TX, haboob from the authors’ eyewitness account.

Wind gusts of sixty one miles per hour were reported by the National Weather Service, which additionally stated that zero visibility was skilled in components of Lubbock. The significance of forecasting and reporting haboobs lies in the truth that the invasion of mud and particulate matter into the surroundings causes severe well being dangers that could be mitigated with enough superior forecasting. Couple this with the haboob’s capacity to scale back visibility; making transportation extraordinarily dangerous, forecasting these storms turns into crucial.

A timelapse video of the dust storm confirmed how the cloud coated the city. The ongoing drought throughout Texas has contributed to the rising numbers of dust storms across this region this previous yr. The occurrence of haboobs will probably turn into common as drought circumstances are expected to proceed throughout Texas.


These storms have performed an important role in our lives each traditionally and within the present. During the Thirties, the western elements of Texas and Oklahoma were often known as “the Dust Bowl.” Dust storms pounded the region destroying crops, livestock, and lots of lives and properties. Today, in the identical region, as within the 1930s, severe drought is in proof and though planting practices have improved since then in order that the soil is somewhat more secure, dust storms still influence the area. Officially the Lubbock Airport reported a peak wind gust of 47 mph together with 1/four mile visibility because the haboob moved via. Thankfully, the thick dust did not final lengthy, as the thunderstorms that generated the strong outflow winds brought a period of moderate to heavy rain.

  • Winds gusted as much as 60 miles per hour in accordance with the National Weather Service.
  • The map shows the route that the creator took going from simply south of Tucumcari NM to Lubbock TX. The letters a–f check with Figure 2.
  • The subsequent time you catch Johnny Ray jammin’ on the drums, throw him a few bucks within the tip jar so he can continue his adventures as a professional drummer AND amateur meteorologist.
  • “We have actually had the dust right here, but a key distinction from 2011 is we didn’t actually have hardly any rain in the spring time in 2011.

The first was to assess the storm that was viewed on June 5, 2013, and decide that what was seen was, in fact, a haboob. Given the success of the first task, the second task was to gauge the NEXRAD radar knowledge products to see whether or not or not a signature or mixture of signatures may be interpreted as figuring out the storm as a haboob. The wall of dust out ahead of the thunderstorms made for an ominous sight as it approached. The visibility dropped to close zero in spots because the haboob moved via, which created dangerous travel.

Nws: Thunderstorms Probably Monday Afternoon

Many occasions, a dust storm will cause energy lines to go down and in some instances may cause an influence outage. It’s safest to name your native police division, to deal with harmful conditions. For your individual safety, it’s additionally wise to maintain a nicely-stocked first assist kit in your automotive and in your house.

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They are the location the place photos of the haboob were taken. Maximum wind gusts recorded by the West Texas Mesonet on Wednesday . Haboobs in Australia may be regularly related to cold fronts. The deserts of Central Australia, particularly near Alice Springs, are notably susceptible to haboobs, with sand and particles reaching a number of kilometers into the sky and leaving as much as 30 centimetres of sand within the haboob’s path.

A haboob – an enormous mud storm – swept through parts of Lubbock, Texas on the evening of Monday, October 17, 2011. Each content material-packed edition has climate, the favored Top of the Email opinion and rumor mill column, news around the state of Texas, news round west Texas, the most recent news stories from San Angelo LIVE! The bottom of the e-mail accommodates the newest rants and comments. On Sundays, subscribers receive the West Texas Real Estate LIVE!

Huge Dust Storm Rolls Across Lubbock

But although each gust fronts are evident, their signatures are slightly totally different from each other. The northern gust entrance shows excessive values kind of evenly distributed whereas the gust front advancing earlier than the thunderstorm, which we witnessed as being comprised of sand, mud, and dirt, exhibits blended values. It is unclear at this point if the ZDR signal indicates anything specific to the haboob. The only possible assertion one might make is that the northern gust entrance could also be with little or no sand, dust, or filth and subsequently simply a gust front.

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